Tuesday, June 3, 2014

End of semester reflection?

Time flies so fast. It feels like it's just one year ago I arrived at Bandung to pursue my dream yet in fact I've been living at Bandung for two years. If I took a look at my present self and compare it to two years ago version of myself, I could say some things indeed has changed towards a better way. I used to be a type of person who was always crazy about grades. Yet throughout these two years, I start to realize grade doesn't matter much to me now. Well it is still important but I am trying to lift up the pressure and stopping myself from getting more study-oriented. Hence I am starting to involve myself in organization (ITB Chemical Engineering Student Union) nowadays, I grabbed opportunity to lead team LO (Liaison Officer) in one event, and right now am taking care of student orientation program to welcome the freshies. I am looking forward to take chances to lead in the future. Hopefully. :) :)

Few weeks ago, I just finished the fourth semester of my study which means I am already on my half way to obtain my engineering bachelor degree. Cheers to that! I have to say the fourth semester treated me so well despite the oh-not-so-good grades. At the beginning of semester, I received an email telling that I was selected as the participant of Accenture Future Technology Leaders Program. It's basically a three-year-leadership-training conducted by Accenture. For those who aren't familiar with it, Accenture is a multinational management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. Its incorporated headquarters are in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The first workshop was held at The Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta back in January. Besides the useful workshop that we got, we also had buffet lunch there. *sorry kalo norak* But it's indeed a bonus for 'anak kostan'. I feel so blessed that I can be part of it. Second thing, I was given the chance to become the head division in certain event of ITB Chemical Engineering Student Union. To be honest, that was my first experience to lead people. I did learn new thing here and it encourages me to lead again in the future. Next is the best thing occurred in this semester! One of my goals for the second year of my study is that being offered an internship at Schlumberger. Schlumberger is the world's largest oilfield services company. And honestly working there is one of my dream jobs. Afraid of falling too deep, I dare not expect too high. I just ensured myself to just do the best and feel no burden like it's nothing to lose. By the lead of God, I made it to the final interview. It was just two weeks ago, I received email stating that I was officially accepted to join Schlumberger Vacation Trainee Program after going through a medical checkup and being declared fit. It is indeed the best gift that God has ever granted. The internship will be started at the end of June, I hope I can do just well. I am just happy that I got something useful to do during my three-month-break. For everything that happens to me, I am so grateful. More goals to be accomplished in the next semester, wish me luck!

I decide to post more often to keep my English useful. I hope I won't break my own promise.


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