Monday, January 28, 2013

Long Time No Post

Hello bloggers! Just found out that my last post was one year ago. I guess I have been away for too long. So, here's the deal.

I have been walking down a new path of life. By 'a new path of life' I mean I am no more high school student. I am in college already. So, I moved to Bandung since six months ago. Bandung is such a nice place, people here are so friendly and very welcoming. The weather is cool, rainy most of the time. It's so rainy that my room is so moist and fungi grows. Ergh. Enough talking. But Bandung is seriously so rainy that I gotta bring umbrella in my bag everywhere I go. Somehow I am getting used to it.

I am entering The Bandung Institute of Technology. For those who are still strange to it, The Bandung Institute of Technology or Institute of Technology,(Indonesian: Institut Teknologi Bandung, abbreviated as ITB) is a state, coeducational research university located in Bandung, Indonesia. It is one of the best universities in Indonesia. I am grateful that I am currently studying here. I've felt no regrets since I firstly stepped my first step on ITB. I learn so many things here. We were taught about nationalism and patriotism. You know ITB is state university, they concern a lot about their students' character to love Indonesia and 'build' Indonesia. They don't want their students to merely study. They want us to be active, responsive to national and global issue, and most importantly give contribution to our country after graduating. They don't want us to be only academically good but also possess good soft skills to back it up, like leadership skill, wide networking, communication skill and so on.

In my college, there are like 80s communities or what-so-called UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa in Indonesian. It's more like a room for us to develop ourselves and know more people from different major. So, at the OHU (Open House Unit) day, we could register ourselves to the unit in which we've got interest. As a matter of fact, I signed my name in like five units, there are KMB (Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhist), SEF (Student English Forum), AISEC (Association International at Student Social Economic Commercial), MUN (Model United Nation), TEC (Techno Entrepreneur Club). So based on what my seniors previously had told, as time goes by, you'll drop all your units till only one left which is KMB. And it really happened to me. It's because if I insist on joining them all, I'll be very busy. Like what people say here, "Among academic, sleep, and social, you can only choose two." I personally think it's damn true.

I just accomplished the first term of my study last December. I am thankful for what had happened during my first half year in a complete new environment. For the new things I've learned and for the new friends I've met, I am grateful. The second term has just started. I hope everything will go well and be better than ever. Wish me luck!

See you at another post!



  1. Well, that was rather a formal post there :p
    How is it going? Back at bandung already?

  2. Going well. Yours?
    Yes, back to Bandung alr. You at Medan?