Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello bloggers! I have been busy with my school stuffs lately like crazy. Teachers keep feeding us with lots of assignments. -____- Not to mention the tests which are starting on next week and I am not so ready yet. Aaaaaa. Well let's go to the main point I'd like to tell you guys.

I ever told you guys that I want to be an architect and am considering to take architecture later on university. Yet sth happened a few days ago which make me puzzled and make me question myself whether I am really capable of being an architect.

A few days ago, in drawing class, the teacher asked us to design a kitchen on a piece of A3 white paper. I never sketched a building or a room before despite the fact that I wanna be an architect and I never take a drawing tuition also. When I was starting to draw my very first own design, I felt confidence in myself. Then suddenly I found it hard to draw, like from what angle I should draw the design. At that time I was like ... disappointed with myself as I saw some of my friends managed to draw it out well. Well I got the idea but why I am not able to draw it out? This designing stuff will surely be my daily bread later when I have become an architect. As a matter of fact, I enjoy seeing great buildings so much. I am so puzzled of my ambition to be an architect. I know this can't be the mere justification for me to bury my dream but still my interest in great buildings can't be an acceptable reason either for me to learn architecture. I am afraid that I can't be a good architect later. I am so afraid of failure. Now I am just so not confident of myself to learn architecture. Apparently my spirit to be an architect since I was a kid are all brought down by this damn kitchen design assignment. Arrrghhh. Or is it me judging too quickly? I don't know either.

Architecture. Industrial Engineering. Petroleum Engineering. Civil Engineering. I just hope I won't pick a wrong major and also hope that I can manage to get into the university that I'd like to enter. Eight-month-time is just not long. I really have to think over it like seriously. Never have I known the last year of high school will be this busy and confusing year.

I think that's all I want to share with you guys. I guess I won't be available to post any posts for the next two weeks. Since I gotta bone up for this upcoming damn tests. Wish me luck! Ciao!



  1. Don't be discouraged by just a small thing! When there's a will, there's a way ;)

  2. Thanks for dropping a comment, Nat. :)