Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hello! Today I can get myself off from books since tomorrow will be a holiday to commemorate Indonesia's independence day. Ha-ha.

Well, so far, I have done Math test and Bahasa test. I did quite a good job on Bahasa since Bahasa is all about luck, no matter how long you study and how hard you prepare for it, still a satisfying mark can't be guaranteed. So I just let it go. Regarding Math test, I totally screwed it up. Seriously. I only got 24 questions out of 30 questions (or even worse) whereas I got confident in myself that I'd do well this time. And that was like crazy! I am highly disappointed with myself. Never have I known it'd turn out this bad and became THE WORST TEST EVER after these two years of high school. -______-

Just like what most of the people said. "Let bygones be bygones." I try to let it be. Somehow, I still have some subjects to go. And that is what I should focus on. I had better forget the damn Math test and do well on the rest. Hwaiting!


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