Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bewildered by University Thingy

I am so confused at the moment. What course to take. What university to take. Moreover, what major to take. Those are things that keep spinning in my head right now. This year will be the last year of high school, I thought it'll be the most enjoyable year yet it turned out different way. I am currently overwhelmed by the thought of UNIVERSITY. I am just so worried that I take a wrong decision later. I don't want such thing like regret happen. University determines our future life. Therefore, I don't want to make any wrong decisions. And as the first step to avoid that I start thinking it over from now on, the very beginning of the year.

I have few nominees of major that apparently I'll take. Those are architecture, mining and petroleum engineering, civil engineering and industrial technology. Among those, I think I am more to architecture yet still anxious whether I am capable. -__-

I hope I won't take any stupid decisions regarding the course, the university and the major I'll take later. I really hope for the best. s



  1. Hey, about the choices, yea you should think about it from the very beginning. Choose something you like and something that may be useful in the future. About whether you are capable or not, just take it as challenge. Don't think too much.
    I hope you make the right decision so you won't regret it later. University life is tough and full of challenges. But well, the challenges will be fun anyway, thus, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine =)

  2. Well, thanks for your suggest, Lisa. I hope I can manage to take a right decision later. :)