Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Tagging

I was tagged by Ivana Yau and Jennifer. I just understood the rules of this what-so-called "Random Tagging" after reading your post wholly, Ivana and Jennifer. I skipped the rules when I read your post at the first time. Ha-ha. Sorry for the late reply then.

The Rules:
* Each tagged person must tell things about themselves
* You have to choose and tag 10 person
* Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
* No tags back
* Have fun!

10 Facts About Me:
1. I immensely love my family particularly my mother yet I feel so hard to say three words "I LOVE YOU" to them directly perhaps I am just too shy.
2. I have an ambition to be an successful and rich man in the future. (Well, I think everyone is just the same as me want to be an successful person. But, whatever, that's my biggest ambition. LOL)
3. I have been dreaming of becoming an architect since I was a kid. Yet still hesitate that I actually can fulfill my dream. :D
4. To study is still my first priority.
5. I got a nickname from my friends "OCENG" (usually said to indicate a black man). But I never feel regret of being gifted a dark skin. Somehow, black is sweet. :p
6. I am diffident when it comes to body height. I WANT TO BE TALLER! AS TALL AS 180 cms.
7. I find it hard to settle in a new environment. I mean hard to start being friend with new people. But once I make friend with them, I can be 180 degree different from what I was in their eyes at our first meeting (That's how people said not me)
8. I love watching and surfing in the internet.
9. I don't know why but I just so detest reading comics and playing card games such as MONOPOLY DEAL, LUDO, ect. (While most of peers love reading comics and playing card games)
10. I don't really get interest in sports. There's only one kind of sports that I can find fun in it, that is swimming. The else? Not interesting!

These are ten bloggers that I would tag:
1. Monika
2. Juliana
3. Gabriella
4. Kelvin
5. Pramono
6. Lisa
7. Leonardy
8. Kenneth
9. Grace
10. Liviana


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