Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello, readers!

Two days ago, I had finished my final test. And to be honest, I am not satisfied. Even though the result hasn't been announced yet but I know it won't be good. :( And regarding my target to get scholarship this year is officially a 'good bye'! But what else can I do? What's done is done. Time can't be turned back. So, let bygones be bygones. I won't expect for a higher rank this semester cause I am pretty sure that it'll be lower than that of the previous semester. :( Argghh, at least I have accomplished
my obligation, just let God decide the rest. O:) well, let's not talk about it anymore.

Guys, I am currently spending my holiday at my hometown. Woohoo! I am excited as I'll spend one-month-holiday with my lovely family. :D Oh yes, speaking of which, I will rarely be online during holiday due to my lame home computer. I can't use my laptop cause the inet-wyre can't be hooked up. :/

Thinking about what-to-do during holiday. I have sth to say.
My classmates will be going to the beach this Sunday, sadly I won't be able to join. Cause it's impossible for me to get back Medan just for beach :/
However, I will still be having my trip instead. This coming Tuesday my friends and I will be visiting Lake Toba, Tuk-tuk for sure. It's a 3D2N trip. And we'll spend two nights in two different hotels. :D Hope it's gonna be fun fun fun!

Perhaps that's all for today! Happy holiday! Ciao!


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