Thursday, June 23, 2011

Failure and Progress

Hey readers! How are you doing? Sorry for my being off from blogging for such a long time. Got a lame inet connection here. Hence, I am indolent to post. :D

By the way, I have just got my report card. I didn't come to make things happen like what have been expected. I placed 4th in my class (or 28th out of 531 students) and it means that I am failed to get the scholarship because we have to be the 1st best in class to get scholarship. The sadness couldn't be hidden. I felt so bad for it as I couldn't reach my goal or my target that I'd set before. Like what I've stated before I've been waiting for what-so-called scholarship so badly since I attend Sutomo1 High School. Yet it didn't happen to fulfill my goal. No, it should be 'it won't happen' since this year is actually the last year of high school moments as well as the last chance for me to obtain scholarship from Sutomo1 High School. Besides that, both class rank and rank of parallel classes are actually not as good as what I reached last semester. Oh gosh. I was such an underachiever and felt so dump at that time.

I just feel so hard to accept my failure at the beginning. But later I reviewed my first semester report card and realized that I actually made some progress. The total marks are increased from the previous semester. And I know that's the point of learning, progress. And to be honest, that helped me feel a little bit better. :')

Nah, now I am officially promoted to XII IA SMA. Time flies so fast. There's only one-year-time left and I should seriously start thinking over of what I should take in University. I don't want to take a wrong major later. I've been dreaming of becoming an architect since I was a kid. But I realized major can't always be sth that we got interest in it. In my opinion, skill and job field in the future have to become considerations of what major we are gonna take. And now the problem is that whether I really have those skills to be an architect and whether architect can get a job easily? :)

I think that's enough for today. See ya later on my next post.


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