Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's On My Mind

Hey, viewers! Today I'd like to say what's on my mind.

First, I'd like to say congrats to all seniors that successfully get into government university (Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) through what-so-called "jalur undangan". Perhaps some of you guys still got confused of "jalur undangan". So here I try to explain to you briefly. "Jalur undangan" is one of the ways to get into government university in Indonesia. So you apply it together with the attachment of your report cards during five semester and academic certificates if you have. And basically the mechanism to pass is only based on your report card from the first semester till the fifth semester. So, the committee will choose who'll pass simply by viewing your report card. In short, if you want to get into the university through "jalur undangan", you better score well during five semester and get as high rank as possible. Because that's the only parameter. They filter merely based on your score.

At the first time, I myself think it's good cause it's practical, you don't need to have any written tests anymore. But it turned out different way after I knew that actually only few of my seniors were success through this way. Even though, they still can try written enrollment test to get into the university which is also the last chance for them. What I mean here is that every school has a variable standard of education system. For instance, the difficulties of semester test held by each school can absolutely be variant. And of course the score level of students from different school is dissimilar. Do you think it will be fair for the students who study in a high standard school or in other words "good school"? Cause like what I stated before, the qualification of "jalur undangan" is simply based on scores. You got what I mean?

Moreover, the rank as one of qualifications can be sth unfair too. For instance school X has 11 classes of scince program while school Y has only 2 classes of science program. Do you think it will be fair for both of the schools if the government choose simply based on rank?

I myself want to pursue my study in government university also. Cause the top 3 best university in Indonesia is still the university owned by the government. And that's one of my considerations why I choose government university. I hope for a better mechanism of filtering new university student next year. Cause I think this year "jalur undangan" is quite unfair. Or it's me who misunderstand the mechanism? Somebody who knows more please tell me how exactly the mechanism is.

Anyway, in the next seven days, I'll be having my final test which is also the fourth semester test. I want to get a scholarship for the next academic year. Hope I can pass with flying colors and get the scholarship. By achieving good marks and high rank, it'll also be helpful later if I apply through "jalur undangan". Wish me luck, guys! I think that's the end for today. Ciao!


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