Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road Trip to Berastagi

Like what I'd promised you guys on my previous post. I'd like to pour the sweet high school memory here. And reminisce of course. Though sth bad happened during this vacation. However let's just assume it as an input for the next trip.

Sunday, 17th of April

At first, we planned to depart on 7am more or less. But screw the bus agency!! At last minutes before our departure, the bus agency abruptly said that they couldn't take us there since the bus that we were gonna use had been booked by other customer. Zz -.-.Though there was a misunderstanding here. We booked for 17th April. But the bus agency misheard and thought it was 24th. But still, the bus agency should have told us sooner when it's impossible alr to take us. Not until the last minutes. Crap! Fortunately, Juliana could find its substitute fast. And at last, we left for Berastagi at 10am more or less. And the bus was so filled! It has only 17 seats while we are all 18 people. Not the mention the bags, gallon, BBQ thingies and other stuffs. It was like the most crowded bus I've ever got in. :D Somehow, we still could bear this crowded bus till we reached our villa safely, Villa Gitar Mas. The Villa was so quiet. It seemed like only we stayed there in that complex of buildings. You know because it's not a holiday actually at that time.

Having the first lunch at Villa :P

Having our lunch, we went straight to Mikie Holiday. Regrettably it was drizzling heavily and the Funland was closed. We were all disappointed at that time. It's like the main spot we'd like to visit. Having discussed what-to-visit, we went to BPK Tesalonika 6 to have our second lunch. A traditional Bataknese food. Though there were only half of us who lunched for the second time. :D

BPK Tesalonika 6

Eitssss. The rain stopped pouring alr. We went back to Mikie Holiday quickly. And yeah! God bless us. The Funland was open! :D :D Without thinking any longer, we straightly bought the tickets. Playing the games. Having a late lunch or early dinner? I don't know. :D At Frisbee. After that, we went back to villa. Everyone took turn to take a shower. And some were just starting to prepare the BBQ stuffs. When the clock stroke 10 pm, we started our BBQ party. When BBQ was done. Some went to basketball field. And it was alr 1am, I think. Crazy yet fun! When suddenly at 3am more or less, Cheli who was trying to dunk with the help of a chair suddenly fell off and hit his ass. And it really hurt according to him. And it made him to go back to Medan for a massage on the next day and back here at the same day. That's for the first day. I slept at 3am. Anw, I felt a little bit hard to breath at the first night after playing the basketball till the dawn. I had a feeling that my asthma would relapse.

Mikie Holiday

Monday, 18th of April

I felt better when I woke up. I mean my breathing. :D Everyone took a shower and had their breakfast. Then, we visited a traditional market there. We also tasted 'air tebu' and 'jagung bakar' there. And of course we didn't forget to take photos. After that, we went back to Villa and planned to go out again at the afternoon. And suddenly Kelvin cried and said that the camera was accidentally formatted! Our photos taken at Mikie Holiday, BPK, when arrived at Villa, market are all gone. T.T And about the pictures above, it's token by phone.

Everyone had their game and laughed. Some cooked. Some are preparing the surprise for Gabriela's birthday. I myself felt my unfit body. Hard to breathe. My asthma really bothered my trip. Sometimes I tried to join the game. But I couldn't. Even to laugh, I felt like I was about to die, really hard to breath. :S And it's even worse to know the fact that I didn't my medicine there.

It was afternoon and we tried to call the driver to pick us up. But. Zz. Again. Bus agency really screwed our trip. They asked us to wait until 10pm. Because they were on their way to sent their other customers home. Zz. 10pm??!! Like seriously, the bus agency was so not professional!! We could go nowhere and just stayed at the villa whole day.

Unfit me decided to take a rest

Friends with their games

Preparing Gabriela's birthday surprise

Till it was 10pm, the bus eventually arrived. We don't want to lose our time here. We decided to go to 'Pasar Malam' to dine. Though we still had lots of BBQ stuffs.

@ Pasar Malam

Back from Pasar Malam, we continue BBQ-ing. :D Actually I myself didn't have any intentions to join BBQ anymore. Besides my unfit body, I also felt dozy. But we had to give Gabriela surprise when the clock stroke 00.00. Hence, I tried to awake. :)

During BBQ Part 2

*drum rolls* 00.00! The boys threw 17 balloons from the second floor. Actually, Gabriela alr knew about this surprise. We kept these balloons at boys' room. But unfortunately, when she was looking for Christine, she opened the boys' room and saw the balloons! But she pretended to know nothing. :p

Her first expression

Tuesday, 19th of April

We had our breakfast at traditional market.

Because of going nowhere on the second day, we decided to play truant. Cause actually we had two classes on tuesday. Inspite of going back to Medan and going to school, we went to Taman Alam Lumbini. Magnificent view I can say.

@ Taman Alam Lumbini

Being off from Taman Alam Lumbini, we stopped by Green Hill City to lunch.

After that, we were on our way to Medan.

Still a exhilarating trip despite the screwed Bus Agency. And besides Mikie Holiday, my favorite stop is Taman Alam Lumbini, a new spot of recreation. Thank you friends! Oh geez. I spent more than one hour for this post. Tired alr. See you on my next post!



  1. you know, i'd better not to read this post. why ? because i'm totally envious to you LoooooooooL :D

  2. ? What make you become envious?