Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am supposed to write sth which is sort of my life track. Yet lately I'd like to post sth which is actually contradict with my blog title, "steventwongso's confessions". Hence, I made up my mind to make a little change with my blog.

From the very first thing. The blog title.
Not "steventwongso's confessions" anymore. I picked "steventwongso's thoughts" as my new blog title instead. I have my own considerations why I decided to change my blog title. Lately I thought that people will seriously get bored if they merely read someone's story of life. Particularly, for those who don't even recognize me. Maybe they'll close my blog as soon as they open it. Don't be naive. I'll do the same also if I were them. :D :P Hence, I changed it into "a blog with a purpose to confess, inform and share." A blog which not only tells a peek of their life but also spreads information which is probably useful for us. :)

Hope you enjoy reading my blog with a new concept for sure.

This is it!


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