Monday, April 4, 2011

Jason Chen's Bio

Jason Chen is being spoken for his stunning voice. Most of my friends who have listened to a song covered by him will fall into his voice. And I myself agree to the statement. He is godly talented! He even sings better than those original singers of songs he covered. Unfortunately, I found out sth crucial here. That is his bio. I rarely found his bio either while I was browsing for it. Somehow, I did find a little peek of it. And for all that considerations. I'd like to bring this up to my post today.

Bio of Jason Chen

Name : Jason Chen
Style : R&B
: 34
Influences : Passion, Marie Digby, Jr Aquino, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Olivia Thai, Ahmirtv, Tatum Jones, Gabe Bondoc, Usher, Neyo, Chris Brown, Josh Groban
: LA
Country : United States
Occupation : Professionally lazy
Schools : UCLA
Interests : Food is delicious sleep is relaxing and music is kinda cool too
Music : Lydia Paek, Neyo, Chris Brown, Mario Vasquez, Jason Mraz, JR Aquino, Olivia Thai, Passion, Gabe Bondoc, AhmirTV, Cathy Nguyen

You can find him on twitter : @miniachilles
And his channel :

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  1. after looking his picture many times, i think you're kinda similar to him, sen. lol.

  2. I thought he was born in 1988. If so, wouldn't that make him like about 24ish?