Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hang Out @ M-BOX

It was yesterday. After school Veronica, Ivana, Albert, Andi, Billy, Mellisa and I went to M-BOX to sing out loud and have some fun of course. Very first, Billy opened with 'Back To December' - Taylor Swift. Then, all of us started to pick what songs we were going to sing except for Ivana and Mellisa. They just watched around as if they spent money on watching a mini concert. Mellisa's not for a wonder. Basically Mellisa is just kind of stolid. LOL. But not for Ivana. She is not only talkative but also freak. However, from her outer appearance, you'll impossibly judge her for a talkative girl. She is just calm from the outside until you know her well. *taking a revenge* I didn't know what's the fucking reason as for them to be shy to just sing?!!

One hour passed, Mellisa and Andi had a tuition. So, they just gotta be off from there first and left us behind. Ivana was just starting to let go of her silence back then. We all were getting inane, were jumping on the couch when Billy and I sang DYNAMITE. Hahahaha. After that, all of us just jumped and jumped included Ivana till 4.30 struck which meant that we gotta end this karaoke soon.

Overall, that was a fun hang out. But one thing which surely got me irritated. This was the most expensive karaoke I'd ever had! Usually, it only takes more or less than Rp 20.000,- for each person. But this time it costs me Rp 68.000,-!! As we ordered food and drink without taking a glance at their price-list. And when the bill came, we just realized that the price was just not suitable for students like us. Note of the day : "DON'T FORGET TO SEE THE PRICE-LIST". LOL!



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