Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Holiday used to be the best deal between students and school. Yet apparently this doesn't apply to our seniors who will soon become graduates. I saw their tweets that together share their sorrows. *Am I being too hyperbolic? :p Somehow, I can feel it. I can feel how sad they are to end this high-school-time soon which is probably the most precious thing of our life-track. Soon, their lives will change. Especially for those who will leave their family, their hometown for pursuing their education to the next level, university.

Having a happy dinner and chitchat with family, hanging out together with family during weekend or such as will disappear soon. You are gonna leave your hometown soon. You are gonna live apart from your family. And I know that is miserable. Cause it ever happened on me myself. When I decided to continue my 'SMA' at SMA SUTOMO1 MDN. I felt sad at the beginning. Yet that's called live. You have to thrive for it. Live is full of decisions. And you have to deal with each decision you've made. As the time ticks, you yourself will finally be capable of settling down. And perhaps this sadness are currently going on our seniors. Besides the unhappiness of leaving home, they must be also sad to know the fact that they and their close friends are going for separate universities. Friends whom you hang out with every weekend, whom you talk with during the class, whom you laugh with, whoom you laugh at and such as are soon gonna be apart from you. But again, that's live. And still you can find other friends later in your new environment, university. However, these reasons are not reasonable enough to bring you down from chasing your ambition to become a better man, a doctor, an architect, a dentist, ect. Which you have been dreaming for since you were a kid. Last, good luck for all who will become graduates soon. And good luck for your national examination. :)

That's all for today. And let's title this post 'Graduation'. See you on my next post! :)


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