Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fabulous Six-Day-Holiday

It was exactly 17th till 23rd of April 2011.

Starting from 17th till 19th. I was on a vacation with my classmates. Not faraway from Medan of course. We had a road trip to Brastagi. Somewhere which only takes 2 hours more or less from Medan. Anw, I'll just save this topic for my upcoming post. As I haven't gotten the photos yet from my friend. You know it just becomes imperfect if a post of a trip isn't accompanied by photos. :p

Returning home from Brastagi, I decided not to go back to my hometown this time. Though I still had holidays actually. After it came to night, I could feel my unfit body. And I called my mom whether I should go home or not. And it's a 'Yes' came from my mom's mouth. Perhaps due to my feeling not well. So, I stayed at Siantar from 20th till 22nd.

And back to Medan at the afternoon of 22nd. Since I got a class to be caught at the following day. Besides that I already promised my friends to have a hangout togehter at Binjai.

Right after school, we (Claristy, Fransisca, Kelvin, Sharen and I) directly took DAMRI to reach Binjai. And DAMRI isn't bad serviced public bus I can say. Not like what I assumed for all of this time. I used to think that public bus is hot and dirty moreover the 'crazy' driver. Yet it turns out in an other way. It actually got a air-con and quite comfy seat. And it's chilly. Worth a five-thousand-paying. :p Hahaha.

At Binjai, we lunched at Pondok Surya. It has 'tahu balik' which is tasty. Oh. Geez. I want it nowwwww. Hahaha. Then, we visited Binjai Super Mall. Quite surprised with the fact that it provides hypermart, cinema 21, Matahari, Texas, Sport Station. Which my hometown doesn't have. :|

Mouth-watering TAHU BALIK

That's what I did recently. I visited 4 cities within one week. Medan, Binjai, Siantar and Brastagi. Nice holiday. :)


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