Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hey. Welcome back!

Having been tortured and bored due to books for a week or even more, finally I could get myself free from tests. Hahaha. Though, I screwed my test actually. :/ Particularly on Physics. I had put my largest efforts on Physics (among all subject that are tested). Since I didn't pay attention to the teacher. And didn't jot down any notes either during the class. Hence, I gotta work harder on Physics because I was just like a blank paper needs to be filled soon. But, hell yeah. That couldn't be counted as the reason of my failure. Most of my classmates also did that. But they just did well on their Physics. Maybe that's all me. I had overdone myself. And I did turn out into a dumbass during the test. I mistook 3 questions out of 5 in the essay section. And FYI, essay sections takes 50% of our total score. See how bad my Physics score will be this time. T.T However, let bygones be bygones. No one could be blamed here but me. Hahaha. Let's not talk about this rubbish anymore. :D

Anyway, P2S1 is about to be closed. Only 'estafet' left. Speaking of my previous post, my class failed on 'Mading', 'Daur Ulang' as well as 'Lari Putri 500m'. It's fine though. We already tried our best. :)

#random This March I had 7 friends having their birthday. :O Is it a good news or bad news? As for me, it's either good or bad. :D I just wonder how I could manage to split my allowance to the gifts this month. Hahaha.:D

#random By the way, I just watched Glee's latest episode. That's titled 'Original Song'. And I am just so in love with this episode. 'New Directions' had their regional and they managed to national!! Not to mention, their original songs both 'Loser Like Me' and 'Get It Right' are stunning. Besides that, I also love the song 'Candles' by The Warblers. :D

Mayhap, that's all I want to share with you guys. Ciao! :)


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