Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Songs I Am Currently Playing

Here I wanna share with you guys songs that I keep repeating recently.

Here come the songs!

#1 Double Vision - 3OH!3

"Double Vision" is a song by 3OH!3 from their album Streets of Gold. The song, which was released as the third promo single as part of the "Countdown to Streets of Gold", also doubles as the album's official second single.

#2 I Need A Girl - Tae Yang

A single from Tae Yang, a South Korean recording artist, entertainer.

#3 Lukisan Kasih - Jesica Yap

I bet most of you guys have never listened to this song. Lemme introduce this song. Actually this is a church song. Yet I heart this song. This song is originally composed by an alumnus of SMA KALAM KUDUS PEMATANGSIANTAR named Jesica Yap. Actually she has written few songs for the first album 'Allah yang Melangkah Turun' launched by Komisi Remaja GKKK PS. Like 'Lukisan Kasih' 'Allah yang Melangkah Turun' 'Living Sacrifice' 'Bukan Berkunjung Sesaat' 'Not Me All Bout You' there. Somehow, I myself pick 'Lukisan Kasih' as my favorite. Regrettably, I can't post and share all those great songs. Since I don't have the MP3 file. I had only heard those songs for a few times when I still went to church once in Siantar. :p But, I determined two of those songs posted when I was surfing in the internet. Here I wanna share those two songs.
I found out in FaceBook that she just finished recording an MV for her single 'Lukisan Kasih'. Below is the video. And also 'Allah yang Melangkah Turun' which is her best known single.

That's all for today fellas! See you on the next post! :)



  1. Btw, the one who sings "Bukan Berkunjung Sessat" is my sister LOL XD *pamer =P

  2. Wow. Hahaha. That's a (Y) voice. :D :D