Friday, February 11, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

Hey, bloggers. Having not published any posts since one month ago, now here I am to catch you up to what happened to me recently. :D

Well, firstly, I am gonna talk about my CNY which has been too late to be posted now actually, nevertheless I still will. :D Actually I have captured some photos together with my family during 'che it'. And this opportunity is very rare. Even can be count by bare hand. Since like what I told you before, my family is not really into what-so-called camera. But, sth bad just happened and ruined this all. Well, here is the story. It was 'che tji'. I was aboubut the pics were all disappeared or deleted accidentally I don't know. Zz. I just thought that we are just not fated to capture our sweet moment. LOL. What to condem?! What to blame?! :S Another thing I wanna share with you guys is the Lunar New Year Eve or what-so-called 'sa cap me'. Yes, after having my family dinner which was very luscious as well as mouth-watering. :p My friends and I planned to spend the eve together at the most famous temple in Siantar, 'Vihara Avalokitesvara'. Sth is different from the last years'. We went here by feet. Not to mention, it's already 10pm when we walked there, and the road was so silent since the way we took was a small road or "jalan tikus". :D But, yes, this is the different thing compared to last years'. The most insane thing is that we left at 2am. And we still dared to walk home by feet. Can you imagine walking down the street in a dawn?! LOL. This is utterly insane! Nyahahaha. :D But, somehow, we enjoyed. That's all about my CNY of 2011.

Next topic! :D
I am being overwhelmed by school hustle and bustle. Just right after the CNY holiday was over, there were just so many homework and project come and wait to be done. :/ Not to mention, I am so indolent. :< OMG. Wake me up! Moreover, the annual most popular event in SMA SUTOMO 1 MDN is about to begin! That is called P2S1 (Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1). Yes, just like what it tells you, the OSIS offers some competitions to join. And every class competes to get medals. The more is the better. The class that collects the most medals would be crowned as JUARA UMUM. :D

I myself join register for three competitions. Quick witted, English Debate and Debat Bahasa Indonesia. Sadly, I can only join one between English Debate and Debat Bahasa Indonesia. As they are gonna be held on the same day. :/ But, apparently, I will sacrifice Debat Bahasa Indonesia and choose English Debate instead. Last year, I contributed one bronze medal to my class through quick witted competition. But, still my class couldn't get into what-so-called top 3 'JUARA UMUM'. I hope I can perform better than last year's. And I do hope that this year my class, XI-IA-03 can be 'JUARA UMUM'. Though, I know it's kinda hard actually. :( But, just do and give the best! Go XI-IA-03! Go Sutomo1-ers! :) A row of hectic days waiting ahead!

That's all. See you on my next post, fellas!


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