Monday, February 28, 2011

15th P2S1 (Pekan Prestasi Sutomo1)

Well, 15th P2S1 is almost over. And I feel the spirit of competitions more than last year's. So far, my class' performance is good enough I think. XI-IA-03 already obtained 0 gold 4 silver 0 bronze. Yeah! At least, it's better than last years'. Last year, X-3 only got 0 gold 1 silver 1 bronze.

Our class first medal surprisingly comes from Putera through 'LOMBA PUISI'. Frankly, it a little bit shocked me. As Putera is sort of a geek in our class. But, still, good job, Putera! :)

The following medal comes from the chamber, english debate competition. Claristy, Pramono and I placed the second anyway. And it brings one more silver to our class. :D

Pramono, Claristy and I

Another silver medal from Shelly accompanied by Claristy. They win the second rank on english newsreading duet. :D

Clarisy and Shelly

Our fourth silver medal is obtained from quick-witted competition. Pramono, Kendrick and I place the second.

Kendrick, I and Pramono

That's all four medals that we already got. Somehow, we still hope for gold. And we still can put the hope on MADING, DAUR ULANG, ESTAFET PUTRI and LARI PUTRI 500m.

DAUR ULANG Team with their craft has made it to the top 4. And goes to the final round. They have to do a what-so-called presentation how to make this DAUR ULANG craft once again for the judges as the last chance to convince the judges. :D Anyway, our class DAUR ULANG Team make a dustbin from newspaper. And to be honest, the efforts they have put on is not small. They have already worked so hard to make this craft. Hope their efforts will be paid off soon and present another medal for XI-IA-03. Unluckily, I haven't got the pic of that craft to show to you guys. Maybe on my next post, I will show you.

MADING Team has already accomplished their job. But still waiting for the winner announcement. Hope it will bring us another medal as well. Anyway, this year theme is INDONESIA. And here below is the bulletin board by our class.


Estafet Putri and Lari Putri 500m competition will be held soon. Hope they can win as well. :D

That's all I want to share with you guys.

FYI, the bad news : "After this P2S1 is over, we'll be facing our first monthly exam!! :O"


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