Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My turning 17

I was born on 16th of January. And this past few days, I’ve turned 17. I am growing older. : |Being a seventeen-yaer-old-boy, I have to be maturer in every single step I am taking. Though I know that maturity doesn’t come along with age. I just need to learn to be more grateful and to cherish everything I already got. My beloved family and my beloved friends who have colored my life is the best gift I have. :)

On 16th of Jan 2011 (Sunday), my mother and my aunt came to Medan. Ha-ha. This was a little bit funny actually. Why? Lemme tell you. :D Having reached Mdn, my mother rang me and asked me to go to Thamrin Plaza. Oh, yes, my sister joined too. And now, guess what their first destination? Pasar Rame! Hello, that day was my birthday and I accompanied them to go to Pasar Rame which is very lack of oxygen and very crowded! They did shopping, but as a good boy, I just followed where they led me. LOL. After shopping, we lunched at Nelayan. Then, before going back to Str, my mother bought me a new pair of shoes as a birthday gift. Thanks! :’) Anyway, I didn’t take any pics, because my family isn’t really in to cameras. :D

The following day, 17th of Jan 2011 (Monday). My friends brought me a little surprise which made me feel like being worthed as a cherished friend. :’)
First, Veronica texted me to wait at my class during the lunch time and to have a lunch together with Witty, Florence and Surya. So, after the bell rang, I just sat at my chair until Witty came and asked me to go to the canteen directly. So, we just left the class. Frankly, I already know that they want to celebrate my birthday. And it made me even surer when we (Witty and I) reached the canteen, and found out Veronica, Florence and Surya themselves weren’t there. :D Till I saw Veronica holding a box of cake went towards canteen. And Surya and Florence who have waited at one of the tables there. So, I just greeted them directly without considering that they haven’t gotten the cake and everything ready. LOL. Veronica just laught and blamed on Witty who can’t hold me back. LOL. They gave a cake and a present. I really thank them for making my 17th unforgettable and different from those in the previous years. Usually, they just give a yearly birthday present.This year, they told me they want to make sth new as this is sweet 17. :D Thanks for surprise, fellas! Here, I also wanna express my thanks to Giovantius and Giovani (They are my friends at Siantar) who also contributed on this surprise. Here are some pics.

Then, all of a sudden, Shelly called me to ask me to come back to classroom quickly. When I returned to the class. I saw the lights were all switched off. And some classmates are waiting in front of the class. When, I was entering the class, a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ song was sang. Ohhh. This is just make my 17th more memorable since I never got a surprise from the whole class. I just received a yearly birthday present back then. And Shelly came and handed over the cake. I made a wish, blow the candles and cut the cake into pieces. They said that I was crying at that time. But, seriously, I didn’t, I don’t know from what angle they saw my eyes are starting to tear. LOL. Then, my friends put the cream on my face. And I just put it back to their faces. Ha-ha. There was still a Math class, and we just played on the cream until the bell eventually rang. Ha-ha. I thank all of you guys, XI-IA-03 for making such a great surprise. Thanks for Shelly, Kelvin, Claristy, Sharen, Pramono, Juliana, Freddy, Kendrick, Gabriella, Christine, Vynlia and Erni. Here are some pics.

With all the love and care from family and friends, this year become my best birthday ever, unforgettable! Once again, thanks for making my 17th great. :)


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