Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Historic Moment of Sutomo1 MDN :DD

That was 11st of Jan. After having my computer-exercise done, I signed in my twitter account. And I just found out a name 'Yun Da Bin' was being said continuously in my timeline. I just thought in my mind 'Is he/she a new rising star?'. Till I encountered Claristy and Krisdayanti on my way to toilet, and guess what? They talked about Yun Da Bin again. So, I asked them who the hell Yun Da Bin is. Krisdayanti replied and said "He was a exchanged student from Korea." I was just like 'what?!'. Cause you know, I ever heard an international student exchange program. Yet I never saw this really happens in my school life. But, yeah, it already happened. :DD

Surprisingly, the thing that made Yun Da Bin well known in one-day-time isn't the international student exchange program which happened in our school, Sutomo1 MDN. It's one of the reasons actually, but it's just minor. The major reason is that most of the girls in our school are crazy about his handsomeness and gorgeous body-shape. :DD LOL. It's funny, isn't it?

Even many girls went to X-6 (where Yun Da Bin is) purposely for just seeing Yun Da Bin. :DD Which made the corridor in front of X-6 ended with a halt (based on the gossip I heard). Even worse, many girls asked to get acquainted and to take photos with Yun Da Bin himself. And based on the gossip I heard, X-6 occupied this chances to cost everyone Rp 5.000,- to take a photo with Yun Da Bin. LOL. LOL. LOL.

Regrettably, I don't have photos to share with you guys. Just imagine a Korean boy who became a star in his first day of school all in sudden. Hahaha. Let's just name it 'A historic moment of Sutomo1 MDN'. :D



  1. Hahahaha. Seriously? Rp. 5000? Then X-6 must be very rich now! LOL XD
    Nah, now I'd like to see how he looks like =P

  2. Hahaha. Yes, seriously. It really happened.
    Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of him to share with you. But, I myself accidentally met him at school. And I have to admit that his body-shape is just superb for his young age, 16. And it ended up bringing jealousy for most boys at school. :D
    By the way, he's gone actually. He's just stayed here for 2 days. Hahaha.

    i can't stop laughing. i imagine how his looks is so that he can be so popular in your school. Yun Da Bin's story remind me with Korean drama. LOL.
    You should share his photo on your blog, sen. I'm really curious so deadly. (God ! i'm hyper.LOL)
    Hey, if you want to take his photo, it means that you should pay 5000 IDR, right ? LOOOOL :D

  4. OMO! Only 2days? Did he just come for vacation? @.@
    Then it would be really a history in your school. LOL XD
    Maa, I wonder how he looked. Like a korean actor, most probably yea? Hahaha.
    I got some korean friends, but by seeing how you described him, this Yun Da Bin guy must be cooler than them (my friends). LOL XD