Thursday, December 9, 2010

Term-Test Is Freaking Me Out

Like what the title tells you the thing, I am having my term-test next week. :O It will be held on the 15th - 23rd. Of course, I am worry and anxious about that. And I am serious about that. I mean even on the major subjects like Math, Physics and Chemistry, are still in a mess. So how can I separate my time and bone up on Biology (FYI, the material is five-chapter! So damn much and never-ending. I am gonna die for this!) while my Math, Physics and Chemistry are all still suck?!! :/

Then, my comprehension is still blur and I am utterly not ready and sure either that I will be capable of scoring top-drawer marks on my test later. :(

And the worst thing is that while everyone has been relaxed and got themselves free from this kind of torturous thing called EXAM. Sutomo1 MDN has just got the tests begun. :( Pathetic, hahh?! Don't you think?

I hope I can just give my best. :) I hope I can pass this silent yet boring week asap and come out with flying-colors.

Question Of The Day : Are there any of you that love EXAM? :P


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