Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Term Is Officially Done!

First of all, let’s give applause for all of us for getting back our exemption. :D
That’s the happy thing anw, but it turned out all sad and regretful when I come to a point where I apparently messed up my term-test. Nope, it should be authentically. I really didn’t give my best, particularly on my English Test, which is the worst mark I will obtain in this semester, I think. I mistook 13 questions out of 40 questions on English Test. This means that even my English score won’t be able to pass the passing grade. Frankly speaking, I were flabbergast. I don’t ever think that my English Test will be this bad. I really did bad on my English Test. -___- About the rest of the subjects, they are just so-so, not as bad as English. Well, I am not sure that my rank in this semester will be better than the previous one or even lower than before. But, I perceive it will be lower. -___- But I know it can’t change a single shit thing if I keep myself regretting of what I have done. Let bygones be bygones. Try harder next semester.

Anyway, after having our last subject Bahasa test done, Veronica, Devris, Billy, Ivana, Mellisa, Andy, Calvin, Leonardy, Eka and I led to Sun Plaza. You know, having some relaxation after one and more week got stressed out due to this torturous exam. :D :D We lunched at Golden Rice. And we joked. :D FYI, my friend, Veronica is really humorous, and she is best known with her “Yuhuuu”. She likes saying it a lot. :DD Moving to Sun21, we watched Tron Legacy 3D. Then, last, we ended up having a yogourt at Red Mango.


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