Monday, November 22, 2010

The Result.. :S

Like what my previous post told you, I was joining a competition, a debate competition. We thought it is gonna be a fun competition, but it turned out a messy yet irritating competition. :S

Well, three teams from Sutomo1MDN:
1. SutomoA (Devris Wijaya, Claristy and Stevent)
2. SutomoB (Win, Riandy and Edric)
3. SutomoC (Shelly, Pramono and Steven)
all won at the first round of debate anyway. See, it was a very good beginning, we thought.

Moving to the second round of the debate, the match-up wasn't based on the power matching or sth. But the committee used a lottery to decide which team is gonna face which team, like what they did in the first round. Then, one by one took their own luck lottery. Tada! Regrettably, SutomoB was about to fight SutomoC. Zz. What a bad luck! The fact that SutomoB is the best and strongest team can't be denied. In case, Win is national best speaker, while Riandy is the fifth best! In the other hand, SutomoC is the newbie team by the way. I can't imagine how if I were at their position. Even can't focus on the motion during the 15-mins-case-building. Eventually, SutomoB was the winning team against SutomoC. And SutomoA also won the second round of the debate.

The third round was about to begin. We all prayed not to meet a strong team or the team from the same school. Cause after three rounds of the debate, the committee only choose 8 teams who break to the quarter-final round which would be held tomorrow (21 November 2010). After taking the lottery, luckily, Sutomo1 teams faced the teams from the other schools.

Approximately 7pm, those 8 teams were announced. Sadly, not all Sutomo1 teams broke to quarter-final. SutomoC stayed. :/ But I do believe they had already given their best and with a five days of practicing. The another sad thing is SutomoA placed the first and SutomoB was the eighth. :O And we were not going to use the lottery system anymore but the power matching system for the quarter-final round. And it meant that SutomoA were going to meet SutomoB. Ironically, the system in the quarter-final round is the elimination-system. When your team lose, it means that your team won't be able to move forward for the semi-final round.

Only one team from Sutomo1 could break to semi-final round. And SutomoB won. My team lost. They deserved that place anyway. And I had done my best, nothing to be regret of. But that losing seemed to depress Claristy in the very beginning cause our team hasn't ever lost in a competition. Ha-ha. Moreover, Claristy expressed her sorrow at her losing but only for the first 10mins, after that, she was back to the usual.:DD

We still stayed to watch the final round. SutomoB and SMAN3B was the grand finalist anyway. Hahaha. But, alas, SutomoB lost. SutomoB only placed the second. :/

No offense, I don't really consider this as a competition due to one thing and another which are impossibly be posted here. :)

However, we still did laugh, have fun and experience. Anw, here are some pics we took during the competition @ Fakultas Sastra USU.


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