Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Projects

I have been learning Adobe Photoshop for more than one semester (since the second semester of my first year of high school) in my school. After quarter of semester, we are usually asked to make a what-so-called PROJECT which involves all materials we have already learned. The project is to design a poster anyway. Well, so far, 3 PROJECTS that have been asked to accomplish by the teacher. And I have just finished my 3rd project and just submitted it to the teacher.

Here are those 3 PROJECTS.

POSTER (my first project)

POSTER (the 2nd)

POSTER (the 3rd)

Overall, I myself love the second the most! Kind of containing more massage and simple yet stunning design. The third and the last project as well is the worst! I detest my 3rd project. Because it is apparently "norak" and nonmeaningful as a poster.


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