Friday, November 5, 2010

I lost and I learnt

It was 3rd of November 2010 which is when the provincial English debate competition 2010 held. This competition is to choose top 3 best speakers in the province of North Sumatera. Ehm, like what I’ve posted before, I was joining this competition. This event was attended by 8 schools (24 person) which comes from Binjai, Tebing Tinggi, Perbaungan, Deli Serdang and Medan as well. Sutomo1 MDN team was Devris Wijaya, Claristy and I. Well, we had 4 rounds of debate that day. And the motions of the dabate was :

1. This House believes that FaceBook is the best place to build healthy and safe relationship
My team was the affirmative team. And, we won this case easily. Cause actually the opponent team didn’t really know the rule of the world school system debate. We got 6 margins which made us a little bit proud of it, and it was a good beginning. But, after the team-score (accumulation of individual scores of each teammate) had been announced, we felt a little disappointed. Sutomo1MDN team only placed the 3rd, SMAN3 MDN placed 2nd, and SMAN1MDN placed 1st. But, we still have 3 rounds to go, we just had to occupy this chances as good as possible.

2. This House wouldn’t expel pregnant students from school.
In this second round, our team still was the affirmative team. We faced the school from Perbaungan. Luckily, we won this debate. But only with 2 margins. Then, we waited for the team-score (the previous score was sumed as well). Tada! Woohoo~ Sutomo1MDN placed the first after round 2. :DDD And SMAN3MDN placed the 2nd. Which meant that we are gonna meet SMAN3MDN in the third round. :O

3. This House believes that International Cooperation is the best way to tackle global warming.
We were as the affirmative time again. :D Like what I told you, SMAN3MDN was our opponent team. After one-hour-time, the adjudicator decided to give the winning to Sutomo1MDN team with 1 margin. But the best speaker of this round went to Zivana, SMAN3MDN, not from our team. :/ And the team-score still made us have to fight with SMAN3MDN again in the 4th round. We placed the first, and SMAN3MDN still placed the second.

4. This House believes that women shouldn't be told what to wear by anyone.
A little bit differed this time. We were as the negative team. But, we won! :D

Well, we already had 4 rounds of debate. And we just waited for the final result. Tada! And the committee announced. From the best team first. The third best team went to SMAN3MDN (which a little bit shocked me, I think they are gonna be the 2nd or 1st), the second best team was SMAN1MDN. And the first best team was crowned for Sutomo1MDN team!! :DD

An the tighten had come, the 10 best speakers were about to be announced. 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th were read and none went to us (team of Sutomo1MDN). Eventually, the committee announced the 4th. He said that this was a little bit rare. Cause the 2nd and 3rd and 4th had the same score after 4 rounds of debate. And those three was Zivana SMAN3MDN, Claristy Sutomo1MDN and Stevent Sutomo1MDN. This shocked me for a while. Then, the best speaker finally was given to Devris Wijaya, who are Sutomo1MDN as well.

Only 3 best speakers will be sent to NSDC (National School Debating Championship) as North Sumatera representative. The first place was surely Devris Wijaya. So, how about the rest?!! Since the 2nd, 3rd, 4th had the same score. Then, the committee told us that Zivana was in. As they want a diversity in the team. So, I thought between Claristy and I would be chosen only one! But, in fact, it wasn't! The committee for a speech duel to choose who will fill the third place. Ironically, the participants for this speech duel wasn't Clarisy and I only. But the fifth best speaker was in too. :O Of course, this decision angered me! How can Yanti (the 5th) get the right to join this speech duel?! She didn't have the same score with either Claristy or I. We tried to claim this to the committee. But, however, the decision couldn't be changed anymore. I just could accept this with an angriness. I gotta compose my speech in 15 minutes and at the same time, I had to struggle with this anger. :S

Eventually, Claristy was the winner of the speech duel and was chosen to be the North Sumatera team. Devris Wijaya, Zivana and Claristy are going to Jakarta 2011 for NSDC. Frankly, I disappoint upon myself who couldn't make it to national. Many bucked me up and stated that it's not the end. Yeah, I gotta move on! Yeah, that is! :)

However, I want to express my thanks to Win Fortunata, Kak Pipit, Lie Pei Jung and Riandy for their guidances. Though I don't go to national, I experienced a lot from this competition, I increased my general knowledge and I actually improved due to the presence of this competition. And I know I won't make it without their helps. :)

And, good luck for North Sumatera Team in NSDC, Devris Wijaya, Zivana and Claristy! Show the best, guys! :)


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