Friday, November 19, 2010

Florence has turned 16! 生日快乐!

19th of November. Yes, it is my friend, Florence's date of birth. She has turned 16 anyway. :DD

Well, we (Veronica, Witty and I) worked out with an idea, to give a little surprise in her 16th birthday. Since we never give her a surprise. In the previous years, we just gave her a gift and just it. Just a present and not really meaningful, I think.

We planned to present her a mini cake. And of course, without her concern. Not really that surprising actually, but, at least, more meaningful than just sort of gift thingy. We, accompanied by some other friends of hers, had a footsie. While her friends were trying to ask her to lunch at the school-canteen, we (Veronica, Witty and I) got the place and cake prepared.

Tadaaaa! Here she came, and ironically, I didn't see any surprised mimic on her face. Gee! It miscarried anyway! :/ But, however, I could see a happy expression of her.

Bon anniversaire, Florence! Be maturer in every single step you are taking! :)

Here are some pics of that moment we captured.

The Birthday Girl, Florence


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