Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Competition To Join

Well, University of North Sumatera (USU) Club which is officially named IMSI (Ikatan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris) is gonna hold competitions to celebrate its 29th Anniversary 2010. The competitions are Debate, Scrabble, Speech, Story Telling, English Test, TOEFL, Spelling Contest, Colouring, Modern Dnace, Photography, Futsal.

And I am joining the debate competition anyway. Just in order to experience more and of course to win. :D Like in the provincial before, my teammates are Devris Wijaya and Claristy. There will be other 2 teams from Sutomo1MDN too to join this competition.

Oh yes, the competition will be at 20th of November 2010. And 21st of November 2010 as well, if we break to the semi-final round. Which that means we won't have our classes on Saturday (20th of November 2010). Woohoo! No books and stuffs but competing and also having fun with friends who join the competition at once. Oh yes, we (Sutomo1 MDN teams) are planning to get practicing on this upcoming Wednesday (as it's a holiday). Hope it'll run smoothly.

However, I wish we can do well in the competition later, without any conflicts go on during the competition. As every team is hoping. :) WE ALL GOTTA SHOW OFF! Amen! :DD


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