Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Approaching Exam Is Stressing Me Out

20th of October will be the first day of our second monthly exam. In fact, I am not ready!! I am like driving myself crazy due to these coming tests! -__-
It genuinely stresses me out! Since I am still messing up every subjects, even Math, Physics and Chemistry, which are the principal subjects in Science Program! -__-

And the worst is Biology, the biology-material will be as much as 2 chapters! And you know it's like killing my brain softly! No need to mention, Biology is so damn freaking hard subject for me. I ain't good at memorizing. Then, Biology in SMP is totally different from that in SMA. Without being boastful, Biology wasn't that hard for me once in SMP. I hope the best will happen to me!

I still have 3 days to go. I hope I will appreciate and use this three-day-time effectively and score top-drawer marks. Wish me luck, blogger! See you guys after finishing my tests! :)


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