Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, I am currently having a struggle against club I wanna enroll for..
That is between Math-Olympiad Club or ELDS (English Literature Debating Society)..
I used to be a member of Math-Olympiad Club when I was a ten-grader..
But, I just feel than one-year-time for being in the Math-Olympiad Club results in nothing.. I never got any proud achievements for my Math, okay, I must admit that I am not serious enough to follow the club, kinda boring for me~~

So, this year I don't wanna make any wrong decisions again.. I mull over what club I am gonna enter suitably..

Well, I choose ELDS.. Reasons for my not entering Math-Olympiad-Club is that three-hour-length-time for each meetings.. I will surely feel bored! Anyway, it proves one thing which is that I am not really interested in Math, cause I don't get in to the flow, I am getting bored easily.. So, I quit from Math-Olympiad-Club..
Nevertheless I signed up for ELDS, it doesn;t mean that I am good at debating, but, I wanna practice my English..

However, I hope it'll be the best decision..


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