Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, sometimes I feel like I have a strong desire to experience my JHS-hood one more time.. Sometimes I do regret of decisons that I've made to transfer to Medan in order to continue my study.. But, again, I clarify that I've made decision by my own self without any compulsions from my mother or anyone, so that means, I have to be responsible.. I must keep moving forward and reach list of my goals.. Wait, I admit that I swim with the stream.. Sometimes, I also do feel that I've made a right decision.. (gua plin plan bgt ya?! :D) You know, the education in Medan is better than that in my hometown, Siantar.. So, the conclusion is GO ON!

Well, after moving to Medan, I apart from my family.. It's sad and it hurts at the beginning.. But, after one-year-time, I've adapted.. I miss my JHS-hood that I spent with my beloved family.. Every my going-back-from-school, I gathered, dined, shared with my family..

Second of all, I miss my JHS-friend.. From VII-B, VIII-C, IX-A! The last year of JHS was the most memorable as well! Then, the retreat! After doing all exams, we, all 9 graders, went to Parapat, Hotel Niagara exactly.. That was great! Each room is for 4 students. Me, Giovantius, Jemmy, Jeffry were at the same room! And the BBQ party, I could make a team by ourselves, So, four of us and Veronica, Florence, Giovani and Yenlisa agreed to become a team! Barbequeing till early in the morning.. :DD And the food we toasted were all unbelieveable! We even don't whether it had been done or not! But overall, it was interesting! Oh yes! We also had a hash! We were so compact! Waiting for one and another.. One word, fantastic! However, I yearn that we could have a second retreat again.. Here's one of the pics I took during retreat..



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