Saturday, October 30, 2010

Provincial English Debate Competition :O

Well, this was what happened this recently. I was chosen to be school representative to the provincial english debate competition. Frankly, I am not sure whether I should be happy for this or not. In fact, I am afraid to disappoint anyone who has chosen me and give me the privilege to take this chance which only happens once in a life time. *Am I being hyperbolic? :D

In other hands, I am just a beginner in debating. I have just been being in the ELDS (English Literature Debate Society) for less than half a year. So, can you imagine how new I am still in this thingy?! However, I have to try my best and try to not disappoint my senior and also my teammates.

But the worst thing is that we only had five-day-time for preparation. It's just like stressing me out! Well, it's not school's fault or what. It caused by the government which sent the invitation letter this late!! I am just like crazy of this. I am lack of general knowledge, I admit it! And it forces me to read a lots right now before the competition which is on the next Wed. -__-

Another bad thing is that I wasn't able to leave for my hometown to gather with my family and have a hallowe'en party with my friends at Siantar. T.T Actually, I planned to go back at Saturday. But unfortunately, senior asked us to have a training on Sat cause there'll be a coach from Malang, named "Kak Pipit" that is gonna coach us and teach us some knowledge of debating.

Nevertheless, I hope I will do my best and break to the NSDC (National School Debating Championship). I know it's a bit hard for me. But, I gotta set my target. And it is! It's my goal! :) Anyway, I wanna say good luck as well to my teammates, Devris Wijaya and Claristy. GO! GO! GO! :)


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