Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"PB 2" Is OVER!

I am back!
Exam is overrrrrrrrrrrrr! I know it'll bring lots of glee to all the students! :D
But, ironically, my exam wasn't really good. I did it unwell. Particularly for Physics. This would be the worst Physics-score I ever had! :( Well, enough for that, just let it be and learn the experience. Try harder next time, Stevent! :) (I am bucking up my own self)

After I had my tests done. My friends (Veronica, Andy, Billy, Ivana and Mellisa) and I procedeed to Sun Plaza! You know, we had distressed our brain for one week and days. And it's about to relax ourselves!!

We watched STEP UP 3D and had a lunch together. Then after we had scattered one another. I continued my fun time and joined Leonardy, Eric, Devris, Callista, Leslie, Robinson and Leonard. I met them coincidentally. We went to Sour Sally. After that, go home! It's a fun last day of exam! :)


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