Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ELDS meeting

It's Wednesday, I had ELDS (English Literature Debating Society) meeting.
Well, afterall, it was an interesting yet fun. The motion we debated was "This House Would Place A Minimum Quota for Women In Parliament".
In the beginning, I didn't really get into this topic. You know, young teens don't really like policy or whatsoever. (Or is it just me?!) :D

My sec-leader is Adeline. And the class has ecxess members. We consists of 9 people (Adeline as sec-leader isn't counted), and in a semi-parliamentary debate, we only need 6 people (3 for positive team and 3 for negative team). So, our sec-leader asked 3 people to be adjudicators. Then, she did in a lottery. Luckily, I didn't become one of the judges. Pramono, Fhendra and Vinny became three of five adjudicators. The other two is Adeline herself and Win. Martin, Edwin and I were a team, positive team exactly. So, the rest, Peter, Robert and Budi became negative team.

Like what I wrote above, the motion of the debate is "This House Would Place A Minimum Quota for Women In Parliament". In this case, my team gotta prove that there must be at least 30% of the parliament is women. During case building, we discussed what arguments we were gonna to state with the help of Win.

At the debate, Martin was the first speaker, I am as the second speaker and Edwin was the third speaker. And I'll try to express to you what arguments we delivered to the judges to make our team wins.

Goverment should place minimum quota for women in parliament because :
1. The discrimination still exists.
We can see most of parliament members are men. So, where is woman?! Parliament is organization who represent the society in order to deliver opinions or claims to the goverment. So, it won't be perfect if there isn't any perspective member between men and women. The importance of men and women is surely different. So, we need women to accomplish a perfect representing-society-organization.
2. Human right
Men and women have the same right and level in the law.
3. Goverment obligation
In this case, women are being underestimated. So, it's time for goverment to take an action to protect the society. So, goverment has to do the first step which is placing a minimum quota for women in parliament to give a room for women to express their voice and opinions. We are living in a democratic nation, so that, we must struggle for our own right.

Fortunately, the adjudicators gave the winning to my team, positive team. And the best speaker was Edwin. The best speaker was chosen by voting. Edwin got 3 votes. While I only got 1 vote. One adjudicator, Pramono, didn't choose for whom the best speaker would be given to. Anyway, well done, Edwin! :)


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