Monday, October 4, 2010

Cinderella Gone Mad

We, XI-IA03 were asked by our toefl-teacher, Ms Yenni to make a drama..
We are divided into 8 groups..

Jessica, Freddy, Jeanne, Shenni, Ikram, Chaterine and I were a team..
We agreed to make a drama titled 'Cinderella Gone Mad', this idea comes from Jessica and Freddy as well.. Then, Jessica and I composed the script..

Unfortunately, we had a lottery and we got the second turn to perform our drama which is last Wednesday.. Such a bad luck!
But, we gotta perform!
So, with three-meeting-rehearsal, we performed last Wed..
Though, it wasn't perfect.. Well, it's my fault! I forgot to play the music.. -__-
But, overall, good, all of us didn't forget our dialogue during the performance..


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