Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 outing

It was 10 October 2010. (Don't you think the date is so cool? 101010?!)
Well, after being off from tuition, we proceeded to Thamrin Plaza which exaclty is the closest plaza from our tuition-place. Unfortunately, Witty couldn't join us coz she would have a drama rehearsal. Then, Jeffry wasn't able due to his granny's birthday. Charlie which lives in Siantar was at Medan, she asked us to hang out together. But, she had to pick up her mother at airport at 1pm which means she couldn't join either coz we planned to go to the cinema and the movie would be started at 2.10pm. She would be unhurried if she joined us. So, it's just 3 of us, Veronica, Florence and I.

After arriving at Thamrin Plaza, we went to studio21 directly to buy the tickets first. Then, we had our brunch at QQ KOPITIAM. We spent almost one hour there to kill the time. FYI, we reached Thamrin Plaza at 12pm and we had 2 hours to go before entering the cinema. These are the pics we took during being at QQ KOPITIAM.

Veronica and Florence


The bill

After roaming till 2pm, eventually, we could get into the cinema. Solomon Kane. Yes, it was the title of movie that we watched. It is a good movie after all.

Solomon Kane


It was a fun 10.10.10 day!

How I hope this 10.10.10 day will bring me top-drawer marks for my upcoming test which will be held on 20th Of October.


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